Our Team

Your Employee Benefits Consultants

What drives us, what “turns on our beacon,” is the desire to see you and your company not just get by, but prosper, progress and flourish.

Rhett Bray

President / Owner

  • Lead dog of this team, or so they tell me
  • Head broker, been in the business 20+ years
  • Passionate about this industry and my job

How I Got Here:

  • Began in the Life Insurance business with New York Life in 1979
  • Changed over to group benefits in the 80’s
  • Worked for local and national insurance carriers until the early 2000’s when I was “pushed” out on my own.... And have never looked back

A Little Somethin’, Somethin’:

  • I died... but praise God, I’m back

Casey Meserve

Director of Marketing & Education

  • If it’s pretty and informative, I made it
  • I handle all things health care reform related. They say I know it all... but I’m not sure anyone does. It changes every day
  • I’ve got an opinion on everything healthcare related, and I like to share it

How I Got Here:

  • Graduated from high school and started working for Rhett while I went to college
  • Wanted to be a teacher but ended up having a daughter and found that student teaching for one year at no pay was not conducive to family life.... So I decided to make my career in group benefits

A Little Somethin’, Somethin’:

  • I once said I wanted 6 children and a donkey.... I’ve got 5 kids so far

Lisa Handley

Benefits Account Manager

  • Problem solving is fun to me, especially when it involves numbers
  • I’m the most organized person you will ever meet; some might say I'm OCD
  • I am a Task Master!

How I Got Here:

  • In sales, sales management and sales training with ADP and Bank of America
  • I was lucky enough to stay home with my beautiful daughters for 15 years
  • At 51, I put my resume out there to get back into the work force, and the first day BeaconPath found me... they say I'm the answer to their prayers

A Little Somethin’, Somethin’:

  • I love to quilt... so much that I have made about 100 of them

Heidi Hubbs


  • I handle all renewals and prospect proposals
  • I know every carrier and underwriter, and I’ve got dirt on them all. I will get you the best rates possible

How I Got Here:

  • I got tired of Knott’s Berry Farm, and riding all the coasters, so decided to make a career change
  • Worked for a boutique insurance agency in Orange County for years which was then bought by Gallagher
  • Stayed with Gallagher for a few years and decided I like the boutique better
  • Been with BeaconPath ever since

A Little Somethin’, Somethin’:

  • I’m friends with Lamb Chop.... Who do you know?

Mayra Garcia

Assistant Account Manager / Enrollments

  • If you’ve got a problem, I’m here to fix it
  • Hablo Español. ¿Cuál es tu problema?

How I Got Here:

  • Worked customer service for the past 5 years
  • Looking for a new opportunity and job with longevity

A Little Somethin’, Somethin’:

  • I’m not a huge fan of Mexican food. Crazy, I know

Bryan Moore

Growth Officer

  • Presenting appropriate solutions to your business problems
  • Working with midsize companies in creating innovative solutions to controlling health care costs

How I Got Here:

  • Previously worked for Citi and am keenly aware that health care is a risk management issue for all businesses
  • Looking for a new opportunity and job where I can benefit both employer and employee with the work I do

A Little Somethin’, Somethin’:

  • I double as Rhett's bodyguard when we work together