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How to Finally Say “NO” to Group Benefits Cost Shifting


During a time of political polarization, it’s hard to say anything that’ll garner instant agreement from everyone. That healthcare is expensive, though? That’s a no brainer. According to Investopedia contributor Lisa Epstein, the cost of healthcare in the US is twice that of any other developed country. If it were a nation, this sector would…

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Group Health Benefits: Why Employers Are Engaged in a New War on Drugs


Talk to any employer about their healthcare and workers’ comp expenditures, and it probably won’t be long before the conversation turns to prescription drugs. It’s an industry worth over $350 billion in annual sales here in the U.S., and according to the 2016 CMR Pharmaceutical R&D Factbook, global sales surpassed $1 trillion in 2015. Another…

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Are Healthcare Mergers Good or Bad? It’s Complicated


This summer, healthcare mergers are in the air. As the big five work toward becoming an even bigger three (Anthem is poised to take over its rival Cigna, and Aetna is about to buy Humana), the U.S. Justice Department is preparing to block the mergers with lawsuits. Who to root for? Are mergers like these…

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What Do Oil Prices and Healthcare Insurance Rates Have in Common? More Than You’d Think.


In an article published on LinkedIn last spring, Michael Dendy, the CEO of the healthcare cost management company AMPS, compared skyrocketing healthcare costs to oil prices in 2008. “Like the oil producing cartels that for many years controlled the cost of the world’s energy in unencumbered fashion, there is absolutely no catalyst for healthcare providers…

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Saving the Employer Tax Exclusion for Health Insurance


If you don’t know what the employer tax exclusion is, now is a good time to find out. Why? Simply put, there’s an effort in motion to cap or eliminate it, and if that should happen, it would dramatically affect the employer-based healthcare system (translation: about 169 million Americans) – and not in a good…

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