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Tools to help you manage employee benefits! 

Would you like to know if you are paying too much for your group health insurance?

Of course you would. Use our simple online calculator to get your answer in just a few clicks.

See if you can save 10 to 15% off your group health bill by eliminating two of our industry’s high cost drivers by using the BeaconPath cost control system.

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How to Slash Healthcare Costs by 10% (or More)

What would it mean to your bottom line if you could save $100,000 to $300,000 on this year's group health premiums?

If it would make a significant difference in your success, it's worth your time to download this report now. Don't wait another day.

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Total Compensation Statement

Communicate the Value of Benefits Offered through an Employee Benefit Statement

If you don't share with your employees all that you provide, they simply don't know their true value within your business. 

Providing your employees with an annual Total Compensation Statement bridges the communication gap.

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2015 Reporting Requirements-Completing IRS Forms 1094-C & 1095-C

This 24-page, go-to guide is your easy-to-understand reference for completing Forms 1094-C & 1095-C. 

Get this must-have resource today. It will be an asset your HR team will rely on as you look to complete this new requirement of the ACA.

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Benefit Measurement Periods: How to Calculate FTEs

FTE Calculations Can be Tricky!

For example, do you know how many eligible full-time workers you really have? Can you confidently categorize variable-hour workers? Do you understand the stability period?

Our all-new free report will help you answer these questions and more!

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Download the “Health Care Consumer Discounts" Giveaway

Employees need all the financial help they can get when it comes to paying for medical services and buying health care products. How will they find this help? Health care education begins with employers. Fortunately, our all-new employee handout makes it easier for you to bring these discounts to your employees ... for free.

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Download the “Group Benefits Self-Funding” Checklist Here!

It used to be that self-funding was an option for enterprise-size employers. Not anymore! Today, many small to mid-size employers are taking control of their health care costs with better group health plan design, increased health care utilization data, and other innovative tools. Is your company a good candidate?

Our self-funding checklist will assist you in determining that answer.

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Download the “Smart Health Care Consumer” Checklist

Employees need to understand the importance of comparing prices between at least two health care providers prior to getting treatment. How will they learn? Health care education begins with employers. Fortunately, our all-new employee handout makes it easier to begin the conversation.

Download our all-new checklist “How to Be A Smart Health Care Consumer” and distribute it to your team today!

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Complimentary Download: Apps for Life Infographic

Our infographic has apps to get you healthy, happy and moving to the right beat. Our infographic has some of the best health apps available for your mobile devices. It's personal technology at its best!

These will be great additions to your app library!

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Download Your Health Care Data Checklist Here!

When it comes to health care plan design, data makes a huge difference. If you know what’s behind spending, you can adjust plan design and employee education to address key cost drivers.

What kind of data should you have?

Our “Data That Can Make a Difference” checklist will help you answer that question. It outlines 10 key categories of information, made possible by self-funding options.

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