Bray & Associates is now BeaconPath. Our new name reflects our renewed commitment to leading, guiding and directing your HR, insurance and employee benefit needs. But it’s also more than that… it’s a commitment to anticipating your needs, identifying what’s on the road ahead, and equipping you with proactive plans and strategies – ones designed to take you to the next level.
Just like a lighthouse, we want to be there to shine the light on what’s around the corner, (both good and bad) so you and your team can take decisive action and make smart, informed decisions. It’s not about reams of spreadsheets, complex formulas and mind numbing graphs and charts. They all have their place and we’ll do lots of that behind the scenes. But underneath the numbers are people, real people, your people — and they each have their own needs, plans, ideas and motivations. That’s where we come in — combining leading edge technology with genuine human insight, to produce custom solutions that meet your organization’s unique needs. What does that really make us?
A people company!
Yes we do payroll. Yes we provide tailored benefits. Yes we protect you and your company in any number of ways to keep you safe and secure. But what drives us, what “turns on our beacon,” is the desire to see you and your company not just get by, but prosper, progress and flourish. We’re excited about the many new opportunities to serve you in new and innovative ways. It’s about looking forward, not back, and following your plan, your vision, your “path.” We welcome the privilege to take part in that journey and provide the assurance to keep you on the road to continued success!

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