California Benefits – Legislative Updates

As our government creates new bills each year and looks to have them pass through both the state federal legislature, BeaconPath believes it is important that we monitor the bills proposed and support those bills that are good for healthcare, oppose those that will simply increase the costs of healthcare and work to amend those bills that require a little help. In order to keep legislation a priority at BeaconPath, Rhett is currently serving as President of the Orange County Association of Health Underwriters (OCAHU) and Casey is the VP of Legislation. The Association of Health Underwriters (AHU) and its members, with Orange County being our local chapter, among many other things, conducts advocacy efforts at the state and federal levels of government to promote affordable and responsible private health insurance market solutions.

AB 248 (Hernandez, R)

Minimum Value: Large Group Market Policies

BeaconPath OPPOSES AB 248 that requires large employers - those with 50 or more employees - to offer only comprehensive health insurance to their employees. Specifically, AB 248 would prohibit health plans or insurers from offering large employers coverage unless it is 60% minimum value or higher. Large employers would be prohibited from providing limited benefit health plans sold as supplemental comprehensive insurance coverage. 

Track AB 248

AB 339 (Gordon)

Outpatient Prescription Drugs

BeaconPath OPPOSES AB 339 which would unnecessarily raise costs for most health care consumers by mandating a cost shift from those that use high cost drugs to those that do not. AB 339 mandates health plan contracts offered, renewed, or amended after January 1, 2016, and that provides coverage for outpatient prescription drugs, to provide coverage for medically necessary prescription drugs that do not have a therapeutic equivalent, and requires copayments, coinsurance, and other cost sharing for these drugs to be reasonable.

Track AB 339

AB 533 (Bonta)

Out of Network Coverage

BeaconPath SUPPORTS AB 533 which seeks to protect consumers from unexpected medical bills if they are treated by an out of network provider at an in network facility. AB 533 includes consumer protection provisions to statutorily bar any balance billing of the consumer by the out of network provider in order to shield the consumer from disputes between plans and providers. 

Track AB 533

AB 1305 (Bonta)

Limitations on Cost Sharing: Family Coverage

BeaconPath OPPOSES AB 1305 that seeks to set a limit on the annual out of pocket expenses for family coverage to include a maximum out of pocket limit for each individual covered by the plan contract that is less than or equal to the maximum out of pocket limit for individual coverage under the plan contract. 

Track AB 1305

AB 1425 (Allen)

Small Employers: HRAs

 BeaconPath SUPPORTS AB 1425 that seeks to offer more options to small employers to offer affordable health care coverage to their employees by permitting the employer to implement an ACA approved Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) alongside a health plan. The bill also seeks to prohibit a health plan from taking action against an employer or agent for doing so. 

Track AB 1425

SB 26  (Hernandez)

CA Health Care Cost & Quality Database

BeaconPath SUPPORTS SB 26 to improve cost transparency to accurately inform consumers on the costs of health care products and services and encourage providers to develop more cost effective programs. 

Track SB 26

SB 546 (Leno)

Rate Review: Large Group

BeaconPath OPPOSES SB 546 sets unreasonable triggers for rate review for large group products when there are increases that are greater than a plan's or insurer's average rate increase across all product lines or if the rate increase triggers the ACAs excise tax.

Track SB 546