What if employees could access their workplace benefits in a way that inspired them to make better healthcare decisions? What if the same tool equipped employers to evaluate benefits programs, tailor them to their workforce and communicate with employees more easily?

That’s what Castlight Health is for. Our tech tool spotlight this week offers a health benefits platform that allows you to:

  • Evaluate your benefits programs
  • Understand what your employees really need
  • Communicate with them more effectively

How does Castlight Health do what it does?

The answer begins with the data. “We are the only company to combine patient claims from all major carriers, employee search and engagement data and the industry’s most robust quality, cost, and clinical data,” the vendor said.

For the employer, predictive analytics are one result. Greater transparency is another.

For the employee, all that data boils down to a more personalized experience. But the experience doesn’t end with personalization. Thanks to the way the tool integrates with third-party benefits programs (more than 50 of them, actually), it lets employees manage all of their healthcare needs through a single login. It’s not just more specific and highly confidential; it’s also simpler.

The motivation behind the tool is simple, too. “When employees become better informed and smarter shoppers, they make better decisions and, in turn, lower the expense of healthcare for both themselves and the company,” said CEO of Steel Dynamics, Mark Millet.

  • Lowering costs for employers, employees. By offering employees guidance on benefits and care options, and helping them compare prices for the services they need, Castlight helps them make good decisions for themselves and their families, find care at a lower cost, and steer clear of unnecessary spending.
  • Wellness makes a more productive workforce. It also supports the health and productivity of one’s team by allowing employers to communicate with segmented populations of their workforce through automated campaigns and, if needed, program promotions, so that employees connect with the care that means the most.
  • When analytics turn to insight. Castlight gives employers daily views of campaign performance, with real-time data on employee engagement, search behavior and program utilization – so they can see what their team really needs, evaluate the performance of their benefits programs, hone in on opportunities within a given segment and promote the programs that will make the difference.

The proof is in the pudding. Just this spring, Reuters said that the IT infrastructure service provider Pomeroy saved almost $3 million in healthcare-related costs through Castlight Health, while bringing per-employee healthcare costs 30 percent lower than the national average.

According to Yahoo! Finance, when the rental power and temperature control solutions company Aggreko rolled out Castlight Health, it surpassed its registration goal within one week of the launch, and its employees saw significant savings – for example, 53 percent savings on advanced imaging costs.

For medical, pharmacy, dental and behavioral health needs, Castlight Health is a platform worth investigating.

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