What do group benefits mean for your business?

Group benefits are crucial for employee recruiting and retention; they keep your workforce healthy and thriving; and, they’re probably one of the biggest expenses on your balance sheet.

For these reasons, group benefits deserve time and attention. Your plan should be designed to promote healthy lifestyle choices; encourage smart health care consumption; and to discourage wasteful spending.

At BeaconPath, we help you ensure your money is being well-invested in your people, and that they understand the value of the group benefits you are providing to them. We help employers control group benefit costs, improve utilization trends and enhance employee satisfaction.

BeaconPath group benefits services include:

  • Strategic Benefit Program, Assessment, Implementation and Management
  • Compliance and ACA Reporting
  • RX Carve-Outs and Management
  • Cost Containment; Reference-Based Pricing (Cost – Plus)
  • Employee Communication Strategies
  • Fully-Insured, Level-Funded and Self-Funded Health Insurance Options

Wondering if you could be saving money on group health?

Download our all new report “How to Slash Healthcare Costs by 10% or More in Three Easy Steps.” You’ll discover BeaconPath’s simple three-step strategy that not only saves you money, but also facilitates complete data transparency; promotes wellness and morale; and gives you complete control over cash flow.