Taking all the right steps

The old view on benefit management no longer works. At BeaconPath we are realigning the existing market with value innovation, clear insights and sustainable controls that will create new opportunities, new efficiencies, and provide a positive impact on your people and your bottom line. Partnering with NextLogical, BeaconPath brings Medical Management Optimization (MeMO), Advanced Healthcare Data Analytics (Switchbridge) and Clinician Designed Wellness Programs to your organization to combat the out of control cost increases that come every year with benefit plan renewals. By utilizing MeMO, Switchbridge and our Wellness Program, BeaconPath and NextLogical have been able to cut trend in half or eliminate it altogether. Read on to find out more about MeMO, Switchbridge and our Wellness Programs.


Medical Management Optimization

Every carrier talks a good game about medical management. And the majority of benefit plan sponsors understand that Case Management, Disease Management and coaching services can deliver impressive ROIs. However, the reality is that carriers rarely allocate their clinical resources to the chronic claims that cost you the most money. Instead, they work to reduce the cost impact of large claims that exceed pooling levels or specific stop-loss deductibles – the ones the carrier is on the hook for. At BeaconPath, partnered with NextLogical, our clinicians conduct independent assessments of health risks within the covered population and then present all identified (and suspected) health risks to the carrier’s medical management team for evaluation and management. It’s a process we call Medical Management Optimization (MeMO) – and it’s essential to controlling healthcare costs.


Advanced healthcare data analytics

NextLogical’s patent-pending healthcare data analytics tool has, at its core, analytics that are currently being used by 15 of the nation’s top 25 health plans for over 80 million members. And if you have less than 10,000 employees on your plan, these analytics are only available to you through Switchbridge.

When deployed, Switchbridge enables our clinicians to identify all members who are at-risk of driving future healthcare claims or who are experiencing gaps in care so we can ensure that they get all the support they need to improve their health and wellness – services you’re already paying for.

Switchbridge also produces insightful and detailed reports and benchmark data for year-to-year comparisons. With Switchbridge, you own your data regardless of which carrier or TPA you’re with today or in the future.

Wellness Programs

Designed by clinicians

BeaconPath, with NextLogical, has the expertise, experience and technology to structure engaging wellness programs that deliver real results.

Everyone knows that changing carriers, reducing benefits and increasing employee contributions do nothing for long-term cost containment. Those actions treat the symptoms and not the cause – doing nothing to curtail the demand for healthcare services.

The best solution to escalating healthcare costs is improving the health status of employees and their families. Our wellness plans are designed by benefits experts and clinicians to facilitate the early diagnosis of disease, improve patient compliance and enhance the health status of all members.

And we leverage resources currently available in your benefits plan to minimize cost, improve integration of services and avoid confusing members with unnecessary rules and procedures.

The results: Brighter Solutions. Better Performance.