Your Employee Benefits Consultants

Reaching your destination requires the right guidance and direction.

Just like a lighthouse, we want to be there to shine the light on what’s around the corner, (both good and bad) so you and your team can take decisive action and make smart, informed decisions.

The Big Picture

Seeing from a fresh perspective

BeaconPath employee benefits consultants take a broad view of your HR needs so you can focus on your company’s vision. We identify, inspect and improve the three key areas of business operation that impact your bottom line: payroll, human resource management, and risk control. Payroll and insurance typically represent a company’s two largest expenses.

To increase company value, improve operations and enhance cash flow, we use Integrated Technology Systems to streamline the big three: payroll, human resource management, and risk control. It is our job to thoroughly evaluate and understand your company, find what processes are working well, and which are not. Then we work collaboratively to implement new systems and processes that align with your goals; working more efficiently and productively.

Reaching your destination requires the right guidance and direction. It’s “big picture” thinking. And with BeaconPath employee benefit consultants on your team, we’ll work to provide the expertise you need to achieve your vision and continue your success.


A Singular Focus

Envision a clear course of action

At BeaconPath, we take a comprehensive view of your HR needs, while remaining singularly focused on the goal of moving your company forward. We start with a thorough analysis of the integral operations of your organization including payroll, human resources and insurances. Our one aim is to implement solutions that allow you to increase the value of your organization. Our team of industry professionals will assess each of these key areas individually to create and manage a customized plan of action for your company – one that delivers results.

If there was a single reason to choose BeaconPath it’s just that we care… about your people, your company your culture and your organization as a whole. We are passionate about making a positive change in your cash flow, company value and efficiency. BeaconPath exists to empower your organization. Our proven solutions enable your company to move ahead to a future of better performance, consistent costs and improved morale.

While we provide a wide range of services, our one commitment is to your continued success. To find our how you can benefit from our approach, just call for a no-obligation assessment of your needs.

Brilliance in Action

Taking all the right steps

The old view on benefit management no longer works. At BeaconPath we are realigning the existing market with value innovation, clear insights and sustainable controls that will create new opportunities, new efficiencies, and provide a positive impact on your people and your bottom line. Here are the five bright steps we follow…

Collect Information – Gathering Process
Identify Risks – Deviation from the norm
Measure Findings – Determine the current score
Manage Information – Play the chess game
Sustainable Control – Position for repeated wins

Rather than work reactively with multiple vendors, BeaconPath provides clear, proactive leadership from a singular point of reference.

If you’re ready for big picture thinking, let us map out a clear path to steer your company to even greater success.