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2015 Reporting Requirements: Completing IRS Forms 1094-C & 1095-C

This 24-page, go-to guide is your easy-to-understand reference for completing Forms 1094-C & 1095-C. 

Content includes:

  • Why IRS Forms 1094-C & 1095-C are needed
  • The who, what, when, where and why of the Forms
  • Directions for completing both Forms, one line at a time
  • Breakdown of Codes needed for Offer of Coverage

Each Form is broken down, one line and column at a time. You will find the Forms
aren't as frightening as first thought as you see them disected piece by piece. The guide
also includes links to the IRS instructions for completing Form 1094-C and 1095-C, the
IRS Q&A on the Employer Shared Responsibilty provision and more.

Get this must-have resource today by completing the form to the right. It will be an asset your HR team will rely on as you look to complete this new requirement of the ACA.

Get your line by line instructions for completing IRS Forms 1094-C and 1095-C

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