Total Compensation Statement

Communicate the Value of Benefits Offered through an Employee Benefit Statement

Make a Statement with Benefits

Communicate employee value with an annual Benefit Statement

As an employer, you spend a great deal of money providing employees with benefits such as medical, dental, life and disability insurance. You may also provide a 401(k) or Health Savings Account. And what about the money you pay into Social Security, Worker's Compensation and Unemployment each year for your employees? You are investing in your employees with dollars that aren't communicated through a paycheck. If you don't share with your employees all that you provide, they simply don't know their true value within your business. How can you end this communication gap?

Providing your employees with an annual Total Compensation Statement bridges the
communication gap and:

  • Shows employees the true value of ALL benefits received
  • Reveals your investment in the employee
  • Increases your ROI by increasing employee retention

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