Group Health Insurance

How to Avoid Penalties and Provide Group Health Coverage for Minimum-wage Workers, C-level Execs and Everyone In-Between


It’s difficult to meet everyone’s needs with just one group health coverage plan. Your health benefits package has to be affordable for variable-hour, minimum-wage workers; it also needs to satisfy higher-earning employees, like those on your executive team. Of course, it needs to meet the needs of everyone in between as well. To sidestep the…

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Trump and Sanders on Health Care Insurance: What Would They Do?


What do Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have in common? At first glance, not a lot. Sanders is far left; Trump is far right. Could any two candidates be more different? But the similarities run deeper than one might think. Both are radical outliers who’ve deeply upset what was expected to be a fairly boring…

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The Health Insurance Impacts of Marijuana: Therapy or Threat?


If you’re focused on cost-containment for your group health insurance plan, you clearly have a lot on your mind. Here’s another issue to consider: How might the legalization of marijuana affect your variables? Medicinal marijuana is currently legal in 23 States. It started with California in 1996, expanding most recently to New York, Minnesota and…

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How will carrier consolidation impact group health insurance?


Another day, another merger – at least, that’s how it seems. Speculation about big carrier consolidation is flying fast and furious lately, and the implications could be far-reaching. Aetna and Humana are getting ready to tie the knot. There’s a competitive advantage spurring them together. Currently, the giant in the Medicare Advantage market is UnitedHealthcare…

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