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Saving the Employer Tax Exclusion for Health Insurance

If you don’t know what the employer tax exclusion is, now is a good time to find out. Why? Simply put, there’s an effort in motion to cap or eliminate it, and if that should happen, it would dramatically affect the employer-based healthcare system (translation: about 169 million Americans) – and not in a good…

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Group Benefits Fiduciary Liability: Are You at Risk?

Did you see the headline of the May 28, 2016 Forbes article? “CFOs and HR Execs Facing Millions in Personal Liability Due to Unmanaged Health Benefits Plans.”No kidding! According to Forbes, the companies involved include clothing retailer, GAP, and CB&I for starters. While fiduciary liability has been a hot issue for retirement plan administrators for…

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How to Take the Hot Air Out of Ballooning Group Benefits Costs

Is a lack of strategic planning causing your group benefits costs to balloon? Better question: if it were, would you know? Strategic planning plays an important role in determining how much a business pays for its group benefits plans. But not every business has a strategic approach; as a result, they end up paying more…

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