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Healthcare Tech Tool Spotlight


Healthcare pricing has historically been opaque, to put it gently. For the consumer, “infuriating” might be a better description. For about as long as the healthcare industry has existed, consumers have had an extremely difficult time coaxing straight answers on how much their care will cost. “Because of the way insurance companies set up their…

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How to Avoid Penalties and Provide Group Health Coverage for Minimum-wage Workers, C-level Execs and Everyone In-Between


It’s difficult to meet everyone’s needs with just one group health coverage plan. Your health benefits package has to be affordable for variable-hour, minimum-wage workers; it also needs to satisfy higher-earning employees, like those on your executive team. Of course, it needs to meet the needs of everyone in between as well. To sidestep the…

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How to STOP Paying Too Much for Group Benefits


That niggling doubt in the back of your mind isn’t just your imagination. It’s likely that you’re not getting the lowest rate for group benefits. How do we know you’re overpaying? Simple – just about everyone is. Cost transparency is a trend these days. Over the last 15 years, websites including Healthcare Bluebook,NewChoiceHealth and GoodRx…

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