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Three Big Questions that will Shape Health Insurance in 2016


What does 2016 hold for the health insurance industry? In a recent article at Modern Healthcare magazine, contributor Bob Herman identified three major questions. Let’s see what’s brewing for this year. 1. Will antitrust regulators approve the big health insurance mergers? The U.S. Justice Department is reviewing a few recent purchases you might have heard…

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What Does 2016 Hold for Health Care Technology?


As we head into 2016, changes in health care IT are taking shape on the horizon. Let’s see the new health care trends. 1. Telemedicine gravitating toward industry center Update: Delivering health-related services and information to patients via telecommunications is becoming only more important across the industry. Why the fuss? Telemedicine is cost-effective. In addition,…

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Prescription drugs: The Bermuda Triangle of health care costs


Lest you forgot about it for five minutes, allow us to remind you: it’s an election year. Both the Senate and the White House are on the block, and in this broiling climate of political opinion, it’s hard to name any issue that’s notpolarizing. Still, one issue remains paramount in the electoral machinations, and that’s…

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