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Why Some States Owe Far More in MLR Rebates

Stacey Pogue, a senior policy analyst at the Center for Public Policy Priorities, said that states such as California and New York possibly “have a better system of regulation and oversight on insurance policies,” and that could account for their lower MLR refund price tag versus a state like Texas. The HHS has announced that…

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Safety Net Hospitals and Medicare Payment Changes

Safety Net Hospitals provide care for the low income, uninsured, and most vulnerable populations. They have an “open door” policy that offers care for all patients whether they have the ability to pay for the care they receive or not. Typically, these hospitals serve a large portion of Medicare, Medicaid (known as MediCal in California)…

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ACA Repeal Vote, AGAIN!!

The House of Representatives has voted again, for the 33rd time, to repeal President Obama’s healthcare law. My question to the House is this: what is your plan for healthcare if the ACA is repealed? How will you fix healthcare? We at BeaconPath are not happy about the policies in the ACA, however it is…

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